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02/11/1912 Born in Klausenburg - at that time Austria-Hungary

1912 - 1931 Childhood and youth in Bratislava

1927 - 1931 Student of sculptor Alois Rigele

1931 Humanistic 'Abitur' (school leaving examination) in Bratislava

1931 - 1933 'Werkkunstschule' (artschool) Wien

1933 - 1935 Academy of art Budapest

1935 - 1936 Academy of art Dresden with Prof. Karl Albiker

1937 Travels for studies of art to Rom and Paris

1938 - 1944 Academy of art in Berlin, master-class student of Prof. Richard Scheibe. Close contact to artists of the 'Künstlerhaus Klosterstrasse' in Berlin, f.e. to Ludwig Kasper, Käthe Kollwitz, Gerhard Marcks, Werner Gilles.

1945 - 1955 Lives and works in Gauting near Munich as independent sculptor

1948 Scholarship in Paris, made possible by the french High-Commission

1950 - 1955 Several art-trips to Paris and northern France.
Member of the art-circle Montouge

1956 Resettled in Darmstadt. Member of : 'Neue Darmstädter Sezession' (Art-Association), many years as chairperson. Intermittend studies in Greece and Italy.

1955 - 1997 Frequent exhibitions as member of the 'Deutsche Künstlerbund', the 'Rheinische Sezession' and the 'Neue Darmstädter Sezession'.

08/08/1997 Died in Gauting near Munich